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Shot in Karachi

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Written By
Asghar Nadeem Syed

Produced by
Abdullah Kadwani
Humayun Saeed

Directed by
Salim Khan Deswali

Shabbir Jan
Javeria Abbasi
Sohail Asghar
Fahad Mustafa
Madiha Iftikhar
Seema Sahar
Adil Murad
Hina Dilpazir
Kashif Mehmood



Tale of a ruthless man in search of power and revenge. His business revovles around extortion and terror. His son falls in love with a an ordinary girl at his college and is accidentally murdered by her brother who serves life in prison. To take revenge the father marries the girl who then bears his child. When her brother finds out about this on being release from the prison he becomes furious and kills the man which brings an end to his empireof death and destruction.

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